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Message from the President

The Canadian Hematology Society (CHS) is a professional medical society that was founded in 1971. Our membership includes the majority of the hematologists, hematopathologists, hematology trainees and hematology research scientists in Canada.

Our mission is to lead and influence hematology clinical practice and research in Canada through being a recognized and valued voice of the Canadian hematology community. The key activities of the CHS include our newsletter, the Microenvironment, our interactive website, recognition awards, an annual gala awards evening and research grants.

The Microenvironment, our membership newsletter, issued in print and online three times a year, provides news (e.g. awards, job opportunities, and professional events) and balanced educational content to our readers in hematology centres across Canada. While the majority of the content is membership derived, we also gratefully acknowledge and welcome submissions from our non-physician partners, including patient support groups and corporate sponsors.

The CHS website promotes special events, research competitions, job postings and general information about the society. A special feature of the CHS website is a password-protected, members-only login area with opportunities for continuing medical education, academic case reviews, an interactive forum and a convenient members’ messaging function.

CHS Awards include:

  • The Annual Research Abstract Awards are granted annually to hematology trainees in the categories of PhD & Post-Doc and Residents & Fellows. Two prestigious awards in the Residents & Fellows category are the John H. Crookston Award and the Stephen Couban Award.
  • The CHS Lifetime Achievement Award is presented for outstanding contributions to the field of hematology that has been recognized in Canada and beyond. Recent winners of this award are Dr. David Lillicrap, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario and Dr. Armand Keating, University Health Network, Toronto, Ontario.
  • The CHS presents a Paper of the Year Award for the best hematology paper in Canada. The 2018 winner was Dr. David R. Anderson, Dalhousie University for his paper, “Aspirin or Rivaroxaban for VTE Prophylaxis after Hip or Knee Arthroplasty” published in The New England Journal of Medicine.
  • Announcement of the annual RK Smiley Research Awards.

The CHS Awards Evening, held in December each year at the ASH annual meeting, is the Society’s “must-attend” event. It includes a reception, awards ceremony and dinner and is attended by over 100 hematologists from across Canada.

The RK Smiley Research Grant Program provides start up grants of $20,000 for innovative pilot research projects that hold great potential for future and lead to larger follow-up studies funded by competitive funding from CIHR or other national grant funding agencies.

Partnering with the CHS

Membership dues do not support the full cost of running the society and fulfilling our education and research mission. It is through industry sponsorship that we are able to continue our important professional activities. We rely on the generous sponsorship from our industry partners.

Sponsorship levels

We would gratefully welcome your support for the initiatives outlined in this proposal. Any level of sponsorship is deeply appreciated. Corporate partners whose grant support is at or above $30,000 will be acknowledged in our meeting material as Platinum Sponsors. Donations at levels of $20,000—$30,000 and $10,000—$20,000 will be designated as Gold and Silver sponsorships respectively, and other amounts will be acknowledged as Bronze sponsorships. A description of the benefits offered for each sponsorship level is attached.

We are pleased to welcome representatives of our sponsors to our annual CHS dinner and awards night, well attended by hematologists, hematology trainees and hematology scientists from across Canada each year.

On behalf of my Canadian colleagues, I would like to express by deep appreciation for your consideration.

Dr. Nicole Laferriere
President, Canadian Hematology Society


Dr. Nicole Laferriere


Dr. Lynn Savoie


Dr. Jason Berman


Dr. Hassan Sibai


Dr. Chris Hillis

Executive Vice-President

Dr. Gail Rock

Chief Resident

Dr. Caroline Malcolmson

Executive Committee

The CHS today

The organization continues to grow and keep pace with innovations and best practices. Today our membership includes hematologists, hematopathologists, hematology trainees and hematology research scientists from across Canada.


On January 20, 1971, the 56 attendees at the Canadian Hematology Society’s inaugural General Meeting approved the Society’s first draft bylaws. The meeting, chaired by founding President, R Kennedy Smiley was held at Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier.


Our CHS mission is to lead and influence the practice of hematology in Canada as the recognized voice of the Canadian hematology community.

In part, our mission is achieved by promoting lifelong learning through continuing medical education, continuing health education and education at the annual meeting as well as fulfilling some of the maintenance of certification requirements. Our mission is further achieved by the advancement of young scientists, clinicians and investigators through fostering of innovative and ultimately practice-changing hematology research.

Our Goals

Our main goals are to maintain the integrity and vitality of the specialty of hematology, by participating with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in designing training programs for our successors, encouraging and rewarding scholarly research, and providing a forum for communication and mutual support for all of our colleagues in community and academic settings.

Educational Partnership Opportunities

Continuing Medical Education

The CHS hosts industry-sponsored educational information in the form of webinars, videos and articles that can be posted, viewed, archived and revisited.

These items are available for sponsorship.

Academic hematology cases

Approximately once a month, a new case related to malignant or benign hematology is posted along with a multiple choice quiz. Subsequently, answers to the quiz are provided and a summary article is posted highlighting knowledge gaps that become evident from the answers. The cases also include a discussion forum, cover the spectrum of hematology and provide up-to-date information on new developments in the field.

These cases are available for sponsorship.

Image challenge

We also post a regular image challenge of a challenging blood or bone marrow film. This monthly challenge is a great way to keep one’s hematopathology skills sharp.

``Message Me``

Through our website, members can directly email a fellow CHS member. This feature facilitates networking and meet-ups with colleagues at meetings such as ASH.

Support Opportunities

  • As one of the world’s leading professional medical societies concerned with the causes and treatments of blood disorders, the CHS offers a variety of opportunities for industry to support our educational programs.
  • Our sponsorship levels, each with its own benefits, are detailed in the table below.
  • Your valued support helps the CHS to focus on education and information-sharing among the leaders in research and treatment of blood disorders across Canada.

Our Sponsors

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Gold Level

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