CHS Membership

The Canadian Hematology Society has represented all physicians and scientists with an interest in the discipline in Canada since it was founded in 1971.

All applicants must include a copy of their curriculum vitae along with their application.

Active Members

The following may apply for active membership in the society:

  • Physicians in the practice of clinical or laboratory hematology in Canada
  • Scientists with PhD degrees making continuing contributions to research related to hematology in Canada
  • Allied Health Professionals with university degrees making sustained contributions to clinical or laboratory hematology practice or hematology research in Canada.

Only active members shall vote, hold office, receive CHS grants, and pay dues.


Associate Members

The following individuals may apply for Associate Membership:

  • Residents and fellows engaged in hematology training
  • Masters and PhD graduate students as well as post-doctoral fellows engaged in hematology research

Associate members will not be required to pay dues until completion of their training.


Emeritus Members

  • All individuals who have retired from full time hematology practice or research, or those who were active members and request a transfer of status with adequate reason.

Honorary Membership

  • Non-members may be invited to become Honorary Members of the corporation by virtue of their outstanding contributions to any discipline which is of importance to hematology.